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What's in FB3®?

FB3® is a proprietary blend of three well-known natural ingredients:  Coleus forskohlii, Salacia reticulata, and Sesamum indicum – standardized for diterpene forskolin, kotanol and salacinol, and sesamin, respectively. Individually, each of these components has been shown in preclinical studies to inhibit fat absorption with differing degrees and dynamics – allowing the synergistic effect of the ingredients preventing excess dietary fat absorption - Journal of Functional Foods 18 (2015) 994–1001.

  1. Salacia reticulata root extract comes from a climbing woody plant native to India, which has played a role in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for maintaining healthy blood sugar levels. Salacia reticulata, based on the FB3 preclinical studies, appears to have the ability to reduce the rate of dietary fat absorption.
  2. Sesamum indicum seed extract, which comes from the famed “open sesame” superfood seeds, exerts its biological activity in synergy with Salacia reticulata ,reducing the rate of dietary fat absorption.This superfood is also a rich source of unique antioxidants and many essential minerals that is traditionally believed to support healthy metabolic functions.
  3. Coleus forskohlii is best known in literature for supporting healthy weight management.  This plant, which comes from the mountains of Asia, has been used for centuries in traditional Indian food, pickles as well as in Ayurveda medicine.  Coleus forskohlii in FB3 supports fat loss in synergy with Salacia and Sesamum as described in recently published preclinical and clinical studies of FB3. The FB3 Coleus forskohlii reduces the percentage of body fat and visceral fat, cholesterol, blood triglycerides, and caloric intake. However, when used alone, Coleus forskohlii may not work equally effectively in men and women, and its effectiveness may decrease with continued use and as people age.

Based on 2015 a published peer-review study, when provided as FB3, Coleus forskohlii, Salacia reticulata, and Sesamum indicum supply a safe and effective and synergistic method preventing excess body fat, by limiting gastorintestinal dietary fat absorption - Journal of Functional Foods 18(2015) 994-1001. In addition, another 2015 published clinical study on the FB3 component Coleus forskohlii indicates that it may improve insulin sensitivity in obese individuals which regulates lipid metabolism in the body - Nutrients 2015, 7, 9508-9522. The cited clinical studies also show FB3 led to diminished food cravings and caloric intake.

Based on the 2015 peer-review preclinical and clinical studies of the FB3, this proprietary dietary supplement -- when combined with the healthy diet and lifestyle -- may prevent excess body fat buildup by interfering with excess dietary fat absorption. The unabsorbed dietary fat is ultimately eliminated from the body, and the cumulative effect of FB3 and the healthy diet including omega-3 fatty acids may be summarized as “Good Fat In, Excess Fat Out.” The promise of FB3 is not in an immediate weight loss, but in a gradual deactivation (not inhibition) of the endocannabinoid system (ECS), leading to improvement of metabolic functions and fatty acid oxidation putting the individual on the path to gradual regaining of healthy body composition and loss body fat and body weight (please see article in Nutracos, May 2015, “Good Fat In, Excess Fat Out’).