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Adaptrin®: Healthy Circulation & Vital Energy*

Adaptrin is a botanical and mineral formula whose origins lie in the principles of Tibetan medicine; Adaptrin is designed to nutritionally support the healthy cardiovascular and immune systems. Based on the long-standing tradition of nutritional use and published studies, Adaptrin lowers stress levels, sharpens memory, overall energy and alertness, sleep patterns; and promotes an increased general subjective sense of well-being.

One of the interesting aspects of Adaptrin’s mechanism is that none of the individual ingredients of the formula has been used in a significant dose. In view of the clinically confirmed efficacy of Adaptrin, it is the synergistic mechanism of suboptimal-dose ingredients that operates in the formula which provides its health benefits. This cumulative mechanism may help mobilize the body’s own means to improve health by the gradual build-up of adaptation energy— hence its name.

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