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GreenSelenium® Safety and Quality

The Dr. Badmaev Tradition integrates traditional Tibetan and Western medicine concepts into each product. The natural ingredients used in GreenSelenium® are selected from world-renowned companies and represent quality and tradition supported by science, sustainability, and social responsibility. All products are researched and approved by American Medical Holdings Inc.

Our products meet government standards for quality assurance, safety assurance and potency. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are used throughout our manufacturing process. Good Manufacturing Practices are to ensure that the products meet specific requirements for identity, strength, quality and purity.

Marketing & Distribution:  As an ingredient GreenSelenium® is supplied globally to finished-formulation brand owners either directly or through local distribution partners in their respective markets.

GreenSelenium® is currently available in the two products:

1. L-selenomethionine  standardized for 40-41% of elemental selenium content, and

2. L-selenomethionine standardized for 0.5% elemental selenium content.

Certificate of Analysis I

Certificate of Analysis II