Botanical Medicine in Practice

Tibetan medicine for the immune system

In Tibetan medicine, botanical formulas are often combined with mineral ingredients and are referred to as condensed foods, primarily oriented to treat digestive disorders and only then correcting specific disease.  Botanical treatments are designed to balance the system through nutritional pathways by matching the remedy’s elements to the disturbed elements that cause illness. The properly functioning digestive tract transforms the botanical treatment into elemental nutrients to return body, mind, and spirit to a sustained state of health.

The Tibetan pharmacopoeia provides a wide range of botanical/mineral remedies, many of which are used today in the West to treat the most burdensome conditions that evade modern medical methods. A recent surge of interest and acceptance of Tibetan medicine has brought these herbal formulas onto the world stage.  Scientific research is now providing evidence of the safety and efficacy of these healing remedies that have been used continuously and effectively for centuries in Tibetan medicine.

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