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Adaptrin® is a unique proprietary botanical adaptogen product. It is formulated on the principles of Tibetan medicine and is designed to regulate, normalize, and support the cardiovascular and immune systems, providing a platform for healthy living and optimal aging. Developed by five generations of Badmaev physicians, with over 150 years of practical experience and over…


Is Adaptrin safe?
Adaptrin® is the result of a dedicated and continuous work of five generations of physicians in the renowned Badmaev family since 1851, and an instructive example of how a botanical and mineral formula derived from the tradition of Tibetan medicine has evolved into a contemporary application through scientific research. This developmental pathway has led to a standardized nutraceutical with clinically proven efficacy in support of a healthy cardiovascular and immune system (Tibetan Medicine. Badmaev, V. May, 1999). In a book titled, Essentials of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Wayne B. Jonas and Jeffrey S. Levin; published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. ISBN: 0-683-30674-X: 604. – download from “Media” ).

The natural ingredients used in Adaptrin are selected from world-renowned companies and represent quality and tradition supported by science, sustainability, and social responsibility. All products are researched and approved by American Medical Holdings Inc.

Our products, practices, and procedures meet or exceed all industry and government standards of excellence for quality assurance, safety assurance, and potency.  Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) are used throughout our manufacturing process. GMPs are comprehensive manufacturing standards established by the United States Pharmacopoeia for the production of pharmaceuticals.

What is in the Adaptrin formula?
Adaptrin is composed of natural D (+) camphor, mineral calcium sulfate, and includes the following herbs: Lichen islandicus moss (Ach.) Iceland moss, Costus amarum root (C.B. Clarke) costus, spiral flag, Melia toosendan fruit (Linn.) neem, Elettaria cardamomum fruit (Malon.) cardamom, Pterocarpus santalinus wood (Linn.) red sandalwood, Terminalia chebulae fruit (Retz.) myrobalan, Amomum medicinalis fruit (L. Merrill) Jamaican pepper, Aegle sepiar fruit (L.Raffin) hardy orange, Aquilegia viridifolia leaves (Linn.) columbine, Plantago lanceolata herb (L.) ribwort, Glycyrrhiza glabra root (Linn.) licorice, Polygonum aviculare herb (Linn.) knotgrass, Potentilla aurea herb (L.) golden cinquefoil, Eugenia caryophyllata fruit (Spreng Wild.) cloves, Hedychium spicatum root (Ham ex. Smith) gingerlily, Sida cordifolia herb (Linn.) heart-leaved sida, Valeriana officinalis root (Linn.) valerian, Lactuca sativa leaves (Linn.) lettuce, Calendula officinalis flowers (Linn.) marigold. Adaptrin is a vegan formula.

Is Adaptrin effective?
Adaptrin is the most extensively researched multi-component botanical formula with over 35 years of clinical research showing its efficacy in supporting the immune system and promoting cardiovascular health. Based on the long-standing tradition of nutritional use and published studies, Adaptrin lowers stress levels, sharpens memory, overall energy and alertness, sleep patterns; and promotes an increased general subjective sense of well-being. (Badmaev, V. Tibetan Medicine: An Effective Botanical Supplement for Peripheral Vascular Circulation J Cardiovasc Dis Diagn 2013, 1:3 download in “Media”

Are there side effects to Adaptrin?
In more than 25 published research studies and presentations in medical forums about using Adaptrin®, there were no reported side effects and no known interactions with drugs, foods, or other dietary supplements. (Badmaev, V. Tibetan Medicine: An Effective Botanical Supplement for Peripheral Vascular Circulation” J Cardiovasc Dis Diagn 2013, 1:3 download in “Media”

How soon may I expect health benefits with Adaptrin? 
In Tibetan medicine, it is understood that the entire body is affected by a disease despite the obvious symptoms, and because disease conditions are regarded as the result of a prolonged pathological process, the nutritional help with Adaptrin is aimed at a correspondingly gradual recovery. To ensure that improvement related to therapy is gradual, a nutritional approach with Adaptrin usually starts with one-third of the maximum recommended dose (1/2 hour before a meal or after a meal – 1 tablet a day), with a full dose (1/2 hour before a meal or after a meal – 3 tablets a day) attained over a period of weeks. Therapy generally spans approximately three months and is followed by a one-month break and re-evaluation. Typically the improvement of health is seen and felt after one to three months, depending upon the individual.  If improvement has not been accomplished, the cycle of supplementation is repeated. The one-month break between cycles was designed for re-evaluation of the individual and to restore physiological defense mechanisms,  that is, helping the body help itself.

What is the traditional understanding of Adaptrin health benefits?
We often take our supplements (and Rx) daily by the handful, which depletes the body’s ability to accommodate and utilize the supplements. It’s like planting a variety of seeds in a soil with limited resources to support cultivars: the soil will support some seeds at the expense of others. Adaptrin fills the void for a complementary strategy which takes into account the need to enhance the body’s capacity to accommodate intensive food supplement intake.

What hurts and helps is imperceptible
We do not recognize the imperceptible events affecting our well-being and health, and likewise do not recognize little steps that help us restore our well-being and health. Adaptrin’s health properties differ from traditional nutritional assistance. Its unique advantage is in providing GRADUAL benefits, supporting health continuously.

The medicine of patience: go “low and slow” is good advice in practicing health care
Adaptrin broadly and gradually supports the body’s ability to regulate the natural state of health through its bioprotectant mechanism — a unique attribute of Adaptrin. The concept of Tibetan herbal medicine provides broad, safe and effective preparations in the form of “condensed food” to nourish the body. Adaptrin is built with three groups of precisely calibrated herbal and mineral ingredients – the first group promotes energy and healthy circulation. This action is complemented by the second group of ingredients that support the immune system, cardiovascular health and optimal aging. Regulation of digestion through the third group of ingredients is a hallmark of Tibetan medicine.

Aging can mask chronic inflammation affecting multiple organs and systems with minimum subjective symptoms, resulting in chronic degenerative conditions 
Although increasing stress is an inevitable hazard of modern life, we clearly have ways to help ourselves in dealing with various stages of stress impacting our well-being and health and ultimately offset accelerated biological aging. The important point is to realize the urgent need to address the stress issue early on and start meaningful steps to defuse stress before it takes over the mind and body.  Adaptogens and Bioprotectants represented by Adaptrin can be used safely and predictably to provide a sustained non-specific adaptation energy to counteract stress, which otherwise could damage some of the vital homeostatic mechanisms in the body.

In the early days, lack of vital energy to stay alert and be prepared for unexpected danger usually resulted in death or elimination from meaningful participation in tribal life
A little and a lot has changed in the course of thousands of years. Instead of dealing with the terror of encountering predatory animals, the modern glut of information from increasingly advancing technology challenges the psyche and body equally if not more. Too often and too many of us resign our lives with defenses down and without even knowing what has hit us. Adaptrin helps mobilize the body’s own means to improve health by the gradual build-up of adaptation energy. 

When taken daily, Adaptrin supports a healthy regenerative response and maintains optimal health
For those who are disinclined to take Adaptrin for the long term and want immediate gratification results, the practice is very much like taking baby aspirin daily by those at risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

The word “triage” has been used on the battlefield. The human body selects means and ways for an immediate need (survival) over long-term needs (sustaining life)
Borrowing micronutrients from less critical depots in the body and securing emergency requirements exemplifies the principle of triage — for example, the lack of dietary selenium is not clinically obvious, because this nutrient is prioritized to build essential selenoproteins at the expense of nonessential selenoproteins. The insufficient status of selenium may prevent functioning of nonessential proteins and result in the development of chronic degenerative conditions and ultimately shorten the life span and quality of life. Adaptrin’s “condensed food” mechanism bridges the long-term needs with short-term needs and concerns of clinically non-apparent deficiencies in functioning of our body.

The karmic values of Adaptrin have been earned by the dedicated work of five generations of physicians for more than 170 years
Karma, in Buddhist philosophy and Oriental medicine, stands for the sum of our actions that conditions our life and health. Karma derives from our deeds but also how we sustain our health and prevent disease including nutrition, medicine and herbal supplements. There is only one way to produce the karmic herbal product: to earn good karma for the product. Dr. Badmaev Tradition integrates traditional Tibetan and Western medicine concepts into each product as exemplified by Adaptrin. The natural ingredients used are carefully selected and represent quality and tradition supported by science, sustainability, and social responsibility. Adaptrin offers 170 years’ imprint of continuous tradition.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.