How Adaptrin® Works

Adaptogen supplements that work

Adaptrin® is one of the most researched and clinically tested traditional multi-component formulas known. Studies validate that Adaptrin® plays an adaptogenic/bioprotectant role by safeguarding the integrity of live cell against stress, and helping fulfill cell’s physiological potential.

What is an adaptogen?

An adaptogen has four major characteristics:

  • It is safe and non-toxic.
  • It has a wide range of regulatory activity.
  • It increases non-specific adaptation energy in the body.
  • It has a regulating and normalizing effect.

What is a bioprotectant?

In 1995 Dr. Badmaev and Dr. Majeed proposed the term Bioprotectant to describe any compound that would protect the integrity of the body’s cells, tissue, organs and systems by the following mechanisms:

  • preventing stress from taking hold in live cell.
  • intervening to stop the stress effects on live cell.
  • promoting physiologic potential of live cell.

The term bioprotectant is broader than term adaptogen and better explaining the multicomponent Adaptrin®. The single herbs with adaptogen action like Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera), Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum), (Tinospora cordifolia) or Amla (Emblica officinalis) may alleviate conditions caused by a variety of stress conditions, but their one-sided action wears off and is subject to hormesis, i.e. low dose has opposite biological action to the respective high dose. Adaptrin, on the other hand, is a condensed nutrition which broadly supports the body’s ability to regenerate towards its physiologic and structural potential. The paradox of Adaptrin’s action is that none of its over twenty components occurs in the formula in a significant pharmacological dose, yet it exerts steady biological action at low and high dose intake. This unique mechanism of Adaptrin® distinguishes it from most adaptogens and nutritional supplements (this role is further explained in chapter on “interactive nutrients” in promoting health).

The role of Adaptrin® in maintaining health emerges in view of the growing tendency to overuse nutritional supplements. The evolving awareness of nutrition in maintaining health and longevity has lead to increase in use on daily basis of dietary supplements. However, continuous intake for several months or years of the compilation of vitamins, synthetic and natural antioxidants, essential trace elements, excitotoxins, energizers, nutrigenomics (e.g. resveratrol), essential fatty acids and high potency protein formulae will deplete the body’s ability to accommodated and utilize the supplemented nutrients eventually. This process compares to planting variety of seeds in a soil with limited resources to support cultivars: the soil will support some seeds at the expense of others. Similarly an intensive regimen of nutritional supplements may lead to a paradoxical response of the body unable to support utilization of the supplemental nutrients. Therefore daily intake of Adaptrin® fills the void for a complementary strategy which takes into account the need to enhance body’s capacity to accommodate intensive caloric, nutrient and food supplement intake.

Using Adaptrin® on a daily basis promotes healthy blood flow and cardiovascular health, supports the immune system, and provides beneficial antioxidants for optimal quality of life and longevity.*

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* These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.