Adaptrin® is a botanical and mineral formula whose origins lie in Tibetan and Ayurveda medicine principles practiced by four generations of physicians in my family (1). Adaptrin has extensive clinical research, as summarized in the peer-reviewed article I have authored (1). One of the pivotal aspects of Adaptrin’s traditional mechanism is that, by design, none of the individual ingredients is in a significant dose, and some of the components occur in homeopathic concentrations. This cumulative mechanism helps mobilize the body’s means to improve health by gradually building non-specific resistance (NSR) to stress — hence the formula’s name, “Adaptrin.”The formula is based on the long-standing tradition of nutritional use and published clinical studies, designed to support a healthy cardiovascular and immune system; lower stress levels; sharpen memory, overall energy, and alertness, sleep patterns; and promote an increased general subjective sense of well-being.


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