In Ayurveda – a traditional medical system of India – consideration of memory is at the center of the concept of health and disease. According to the Ayurvedic text of Caraka Samhita, the impairment of memory when a person’s actions are affected by rajas (disturbing elements of mind and body) and tamas (hurtful elements) results in ignorance.

Ignorance puts us on a collision course with virtually any aspect of life, causing hurt and ill effects and eventually resulting in disease. We are in a vicious circle of revisiting hurt as long as we are ignorant or do not remember and recognize the actions and situations that cause us emotional, mental, and physical harm.

Examples of ignorant attitudes and actions include risky behaviors, promiscuity, substance abuse, suppression of natural emotional reactions, fear of success, fear of failure, uncontrolled actions and reactions, anger, impatience, bewilderment, rushing through life, complacency, inadequate response to challenges of life, vanity, greed, disrespect and envy for someone’s accomplishment, unfit relationships, unable or unwilling to relate emotionally, domineering or dominate, avoidance or inability of relaxation, negligence of self-care, or avoidance doctor’s visits for fear of “bad news.”

The exemplified ignorant behaviors, according to the practice of Indo-Tibetan medicine, are the root cause of dysfunctional memory, which, if not corrected, eventually would lead to mental and physical disease. The exemplified attitudes and actions can incrementally undermine the elements encompassing the healthy mind and body, represented by three doshas, Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, reflecting the balanced microcosm, potentially leading to irreversible damage to our constitution. The timely diagnosis and care for memory functioning is essential to maintain, prevent, and restore our emotional, mental, and physical well-being and health. Welcome to Serenity-151

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