SERENITY-151™ is a traditional Indo-Tibetan herbal formula that addresses stress as a factor compromising our health. No. 151 takes high priority in a daily life characterized by rising mental, emotional, and physical duress. The early steps in handling stress can help us maintain healthy stamina and offset a negative impact on health and premature aging.

Canadian Dr. Hans Selye, the father of the stress concept, noted in the 1940s and 1950s the importance of timely control of psychological coercion before it robs a person from so-called adaptation energy – a mental capacity needed to cope with stress.

SERENITY-151 is a multi-component herbal and mineral formula derived from Indo-Tibetan medicine and developed through the 150 years of Badmaev family tradition. This formula derives from the Buddhist philosophy theme: man as a psychic phenomenon and the recognition of highly individual needs of a particular human psyche in coping with stress. The principal mechanism of the formula involves the synergistic and complementary actions of its ingredients, which shield our mind from the effects of stress and preserve mental and physical vitality or SERENITY.

The multiple mechanisms are due to the arrangement of herbs and minerals in No. 151 based on the oriental triadic philosophy (three elements or three doshas in Indo-Tibetan medicine) and corresponding three groups of ingredients:

  1. Main acting ingredients.
  2. Supporting main active ingredients.
  3. Balancing the main action (counteracting) and improving gastrointestinal absorption and, ultimately, the nutrient bioavailability.

In Indo-Tibetan medicine, characteristically, there is recognition of nutrients not only in the form of physical food but also in the form of “nutrients” feeding our primary senses and, thus, psyche.

Tibetan practitioners utilize No. 151 as a “condensed food” in the form of herbs and minerals that assist a unique, balanced “mental digestion.” It does not operate through a stimulant or depressant action on our psyche. Still, in a true sense, it provides nourishment and “smart” regulation of psychological processes.

Reducing stress and enhancing intellectual performance

One of the mechanisms through which SERENITY-151 can prevent the effects of stress on the mind is by enhancing the compromised energy circulation in the body and central nervous system. This process translates into the No. 151 components that improve blood microcirculation, tissue oxygenation, and nourishment. The formula’s antioxidants facilitate this action, e.g., polyphenols, lowering total blood cholesterol and lipid peroxidation, saponin sterols, and pentacyclic triterpenoids. The low-density lipoproteins – LDL “bad cholesterol,” while increasing the high-density lipoproteins-HDL “good cholesterol.”- All these circulatory parameters, when regulated by the combined action of the formula, are credited with improved healthy blood circulation and restoring vital energy channels.

A measurable effect of the described mechanism of No. 151 is improved intellectual performance, emotional composure, and memory function. A good memory is essential to prevent and fight off stress, e.g., remembering circumstances leading to stress and avoiding similar events. The reverse is also true and well-recognized: an un-stressed or tranquil mind remembers better. In traditional Tibetan understanding, the mechanism of SERENITY-151 increases the vital energy “TUMO,” which improves stamina, psycho-somatic performance, and resilience to stress.

Indications and Use:

• Social anxiety, especially with its early symptoms like

excessive shyness (excessive fear of public appearance,

contact with strangers, exaggerated acoustic startle

response) or low self-esteem. Prevention of this

disorder is significant because, if not managed, it may lead to depression or panic attacks that further deteriorate a patient’s quality of life.

• States of anxiety and difficulty adjusting to life’s fast-paced and changing pace. 

• Poor drive for self-advancement and improvement.

• Sleep disorders, e.g., shallow sleep, midnight awakening, and problems related to traveling from one time zone to another.

• Addictive behavior. The early recognition of the

problem is essential to prevent escalation of the “mind

being your enemy” due to self-imposed psychological

and physical abuse.

Recommended Dosage: 

Take one tablet three times a day, half an hour before or after a meal. Gradually increase to a total dosage of three tablets daily for best results. After six months, take one to two tablets daily as a maintenance dose.


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