Achieving a long life may not be just a matter of staying alive. Paradoxically, the advantage of modern life that allows us to live longer has also accelerated our biological aging, preventing us from the potential to enjoy a healthier life. In general, slowing down biological aging is inherently incompatible with modern life.

Statistics show that compared to our ancestors in the past centuries, we live longer because of abundant nutrition, access to health information, and modern medicine that help sustain longer life expectancy. But there is no escaping that our biological clocks are ticking faster, and biological aging accelerates with the increasing side effects caused by the conveniences of modern life.

We may benefit from medical technology inaccessible to previous generations, but earlier generations were fortunate to be less vulnerable to adverse natural challenges in many ways. Modern medicine and its access to vaccinations, antibiotics, advanced surgical procedures, etc., make us more resilient to health challenges such as infectious diseases but increasingly less able to sustain health. Modern life quickly depletes reserves and redundancy systems to sustain natural resistance to the disease, activating the emergency adaptation resulting in premature biological aging. Ultimately, the genetic makeup of the human mind and body has limits to accommodate the changes and challenges that contribute to accelerated biological aging. The optimal solution to secure a healthy lifespan would be to synergize biological processes and opportunities of today’s medicine and technology with the help of the mechanisms offered by Rasayanas – known as Vitalizers or rejuvenating compounds and practiced for millennia in Asian medicine.

Rasayanas, scientifically called adaptogens and bioprotectants, are based on botanical and mineral compounds like herbs Ashwagandha, Turmeric, or a mineral Shilajit that provide unique nutritional support to increase the body’s resistance to psychological, physical, and biological stress of the modern life. Rasayanas prevent the often hard-to-detect detrimental factors to our health before they take root in our bodies. Welcome to Adaptrin® and TurmericImmune®.

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